SDExplorer PRO

SDExplorer PRO 2.1

Manage Microsoft Live SkyDrive as a local drive


  • Manage your virtual drive just like a local drive
  • Perfectly embedded in Windows Explorer


  • A bit slow sometimes


SDExplorer PRO is a handy tool to manage Microsoft Live SkyDrive, an online storage service.

Microsoft Live SkyDrive is a free 25GB online virtual drive you can access for free with your Windows Live ID. It enables you to upload and share photos, videos, documents and more, both in public folders – accessible by anyone – or private folders than only you can see. And with this little app called SDExplorer PRO, managing your stuff on SkyDrive is now easier than ever.

SDExplorer PRO adds a new drive to the 'My PC' window, enabling you to access your files and folders with just a single click. Once logged in to Microsoft SkyDrive Live, you'll be able to manage your data as if it was stored right on your local computer.

SDExplorer PRO lets you perform all basic file management actions, such as creating and deleting folders, renaming items, transferring data from and to SkyDrive, or moving files and folders within your virtual drive. The only drawback to SDExplorer PRO, if any, is that all these tasks may take a bit longer than usual because it's all being done online.

Other than that, you won't notice that you're actually working on an online virtual drive. With SDExplorer PRO it'll just feel as if your hard drive suddenly found an extra 25 GB!

If you use Microsoft Live Skydrive to host files online, you'll love SDExplorer PRO: a small handy app that lets you manage your online data as if it was stored on your local drive!

SDExplorer PRO


SDExplorer PRO 2.1

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